NeuroGrad morning – University of Copenhagen

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NeuroGrad morning – transferable skill:

How to efficiently use your personal profile (MBTI) to be successful in science.

Your personal profile (Myers& Briggs type indicator) aids you to recognize your true preferences and therefore also your challenges in your work life and interaction with colleagues.

Become a better scientist and strengthen your collaborative interactions by obtaining your personal profile with the highly experienced consultant Pia Palm from Essens Consulting with your fellow NeuroGrads on

Wednesday, November 1st from 8.30-11.30 (following by Neuro-lunch) at Faculty Club (16.6), the Panum institute

Please sign up on the doodle whether you wish to participate in the event (8.30-11.30) and the lunch (11.30-12.30)

We hope to see many NeuroGrads at this educational event!
Best wishes,