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As student coordinators of the NeuroGrad association, we are responsible for organizing scientific and social events for the students in the Neuroscience PhD school. We aim for a wide range of these sessions, with topics such as enhancing students’ scientific communication skills, including writing and oral presentation; career development; talks on new and relevant methods. Additionally, we want everyone to get to know each other, learn about our projects and share the difficulties we experience and overcome; to build a network that would benefit us not only during the student years, but also in our future careers. Another purpose for having us involved in arranging these activities is to represent the student body, their wishes and interests. Therefore, we welcome feedback and suggestions. We also welcome help, so do join us to become a student coordinator. It’s a good opportunity to both develop and exercise organizational abilities, but also to meet people and have fun. 

Marie Deen
PhD student at the Danish Headache Center and Neurobiology Research Unit, Rigshospitalet.
phone: 61 12 26 29



Sofie Eggers Pedersen
PhD student at the Department of Neuroscience, Laboratory of Molecular Neuropharmacology and Genetics, University of Copenhagen..
phone: 30 28 19 88



Janine Kesselheim
PhD student at the Danish Research Centre for Magnetic Resonance (DRCMR), Hvidovre Hospital
phone: 38 62 65 16



Anna Lind Hansen
PhD student at the Danish Research Center for Magnetic Resonance
phone: 25 56 12 50



Le Gjerum
PhD student at the Danish Dementia Research Centre, Rigshospitalet.
phone: 35 45 76 62



Jessica Justinussen
PhD student at the Laboratory of Neuropsychiatry, Rigshospitalet.
Phone: 31 34 16 11