For newly enrolled

Welcome to NeuroGrad, a graduate program for neuroscientists!

In NeuroGrad we focus on scientific exchange, advanced course load, networking and translational skills. We encourage all NeuroGrads to participate in our activities in order to build a strong and interactive graduate education.

When you enroll in NeuroGrad, make sure to:

  • Set up your email account so that you receive the alumni mails where all information is sent to (for instructions, click here) and or add your alternative email address to the PhD planner, so NeuroGrad will have access to send emails to that as well.
  • Make arrangements to participate in the yearly NeuroGrad Winter School.(mandatory to participate in two of these).
  • Check out the list of planned and recurring courses on our website and the currently offered courses at the PhD School’s course catalogue.
  • Join the bi-yearly transferrable skill workshops.
  • To stay informed on scientific and social activities, join our Facebook group.

Consult the Graduate School of Health and Medical Sciences’ rules and regulations to smoothly follow through your PhD studies. The PhD school webpage will also provide you with the practical guidelines regarding courses, supervision, change of research environment and writing and defending your thesis.