Join NeuroGrad

To join NeuroGrad you must first have been accepted into a research group in which to pursue your graduate studies and secured funding for your studies. Only students with a Master’s degree can be accepted into the graduate programs at University of Copenhagen. All graduate students with a project within the field of neuroscience are eligible to join NeuroGrad when enrolling in the Graduate School at the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences.

To be accepted into NeuroGrad, simply indicate the graduate program on your enrollment application.

Keep up with the requirements to obtain a PhD degree in neuroscience from the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences

Complete NeuroGrad

To obtain a PhD degree in neuroscience from the Graduate School at the Faculty of Health and Medical Science, the graduate students must fulfill the criteria prescribed by the Faculty in addition to the activities encompassed in the graduate program in neuroscience.

It is highly recommended to participate in the various NeuroGrad activities, workshops, seminars, and courses. It is mandatory to participate in at least two NeuroGrad Winter Schools during the graduate studies. Enrolled graduate students who fail to do so will be awarded a PhD degree in Health andMedical Sciences rather than in Neuroscience.

NeuroGrad activities:

  • Annual NeuroGrad Winter School (mandatory)
  • General and specialized courses on basal and clinical neuroscience
  • Courses on transferable skills (poster presentations, communication in academia)
  • Neuroscience seminar series, "Neuroseminars series"
  • Networking events including workshops on topics relevant to graduate students
  • To promote scientific scholarship of our NeuroGrads during the graduate study, we enhance the focus on the midway evaluation (the second assessment). Here we emphasize that the student illustrates his/her mastery of the scientific literature in the relevant research field by providing an extensive background section in the written report (preliminary draft of part of the PhD thesis) and a comprehensive result section with data figures. The oral part of the assessment ought to be carried out in the presence of an external assessor (as promoted by the Graduate School) and should include a robust background section and clear aims/objectives.
  • Enhanced focus on PhD supervision skills: PhD supervisors in NeuroGrad are advised to attend a PhD supervision course (and can apply NeuroGrad for coverage of the course fee).