About NeuroGrad

All PhD students at the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences are enrolled in the Graduate School of Health and Medical Sciences at University of Copenhagen and must fulfill the general requirements for the Graduate School in order to obtain their PhD degree.

The Graduate Program in Neuroscience, NeuroGrad, is a program under the Graduate School and is aimed specifically at graduate students in the field of neuroscience. Our vision is to create an internationally recognized graduate program in neuroscience and promote a scientific environment of the highest standard.

NeuroGrad includes all fields of neuroscience spanning from basal neuroscience to clinical neurological studies.

The NeuroGrad program aims:

  • To ensure scientific and scholarly excellence
  • To offer general and specialized courses in basal and clinical neuroscience
  • To train our graduate students in scientific presentation and provide other valuable translational skills
  • To support the interaction between graduate students in the different fields of neuroscience to promote a broader understanding of neuroscience and encourage translational aspects of neuroscience.

NeuroGrad is headed by Professor Nanna MacAulay, Department of Neuroscience.