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PhD Coordinators

At the hospitals, PhD coordinators are appointed to act as advisors on subjects that are not related to the scientific content of your PhD. One of their main tasks is to foster a good academic and social environment for the PhD students. The head of the graduate program acts as the PhD coordinator for NeuroGrads employed at the pre-clinical departments. Please contact your PhD coordinator with non-scientific problem encountered during your PhD. The conversations are confidential and your supervisor will not be informed, unless agreed upon with you. 

PhD coordinators covering the majority of NeuroGrads are listed below. For other work place associations, please consult the complete list of PhD coordinators

PhD coordinator for Glostrup Hospital
Steffen Hamann
(+45) 2636 3361
(+45) 3863 4653



PhD coordinator for Herlev Hospital
Caroline Kistorp
(+45) 3868 3695



PhD coordinator for Hvidovre and Amager Hospitals
Signe Schmidt
(+45) 3862 2809



PhD coordinator for the Neuroscience Centre, Rigshospitalet
Currently vacant