PhD Coordinators

At the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, there are 22 PhD coordinators – one in each graduate programme. The PhD coordinator helps to support the steering committee in the graduate programme, coordinates courses and activities, and is available for guidance of PhD students. PhD students are welcome to contact any PhD coordinator they prefer regardless of which graduate programme they are affiliated with.

Find contact information for all PhD coordinators here.

What do PhD coordinators offer PhD students?

  • Help the Head of Graduate Programme and steering committee welcome new PhD students in the graduate programme 
  • Help the Head of Graduate Programme and steering committee coordinate courses and academic-social activities
  • Guidance and answering questions via emails and phone calls
  • Meetings (in person and online)
  • Guidance on whom to contact when relevant

You are welcome to contact the PhD coordinators via email or phone to schedule a meeting (in person or online) at a convenient time for you.

NeuroGrad’s PhD coordinator is Associate Professor Trine Toft (left photo). Trine is located at the Panum Institute, 24.6.38, but can also be reached on or 29924144. Trine sits next door to - and works closely with - head of NeuroGrad Nanna MacAulay (right photo).

Please note that the conversations between PhD students and PhD coordinator/head of program are confidential and your supervisor will not be informed, unless agreed upon with you.