22 January 2021

NeuroGrad Winter School goes online

Online Teaching

The 5th NeuroGrad Winter School went online in 2021 and our awesome graduate students in the field of neuroscience embraced this shift and delivered fabulous presentations via Zoom – after BrainPrize Winner 2016 Professor Richard Morris showed them how it is done at his keynote presentation.

Photos from the online NeuroGrad Winter School showing a screen and a cup with logo

Our first year students evaluated the performances and the highly coveted titles awarded accordingly.

This year’s NeuroGrad cup was adorned with an image provided by Anders Toft.

Thanks all around – and hope to see you NeuroGrads and their supervisors for the corona-delayed NeuroGrad Winter School festivities in June initiated with a keynote presentation by Lone Frank.

Best talk
  1. Johanne J. Korsbæk
  2. Stephanie Holstein-Rønsbo
  3. Jonathan K. Grønbæk
Best abstract
  1. Charlotte Ernstsen
  2. Jonathan K. Grønbæk
  3. Natalie L. Hauglund
Best poster
  1. Mie Andersen
  2. Louise Piilgaard Petersen
  3. Charlotte Ernstsen