Statistical Aid

Faculty and graduate students at the Section of Biostatistics offer free statistical advice to faculty, staff, and students at the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences (SUND). 

What we can assist with (free of charge)      

  • Determining whether the planned research is reasonable from a statistical point of view.
  • Help with designing a study to answer a specific research question, including sample size and power analysis.
  • Discussion of future needs for statistical analysis in the project.
  • Guidance on the choice of analysis, execution of analysis via dedicated statistical software, interpretation and reporting of results.
  • Interpretation of referee reports and guidance on the need for further statistical analysis. If you are the referee for a journal, we may assist with statistical guidance.

Note that

  • We can assist with the above free of charge within the framework of the “Telephone consultancy”, “Short meetings” or “Statistical Café” (see details below).
  • Statistical analysis for the client are not usually possible free of charge.
  • Data management such as data cleaning and database programming are not our main expertise.
We offer advisory services every day of the week, in different formats:
  • Monday and Thursday from 13 to 14: Telephone consultancy, click here for details and phone number
  • Tuesday from 13 to 14.20: Short meetings on Zoom (20 minutes), click here for details and registration link
  • Wednesday from 14 to 15: Statistical Café
    • No appointment is needed – you just show up. Statistician(s) will circulate and help. Please prepare your questions meticulously. If relevant, have the statistical software up and running on your laptop.
    • The Statistical Café is:
      • Physical on odd week numbers (e.g. 9, 11). Room 5.2.46, Section of Biostatistics, located 2nd floor in building CSS-5, Øster Farimagsgade 5, 1014 Copenhagen.
      • Online on even week numbers (e.g. 10, 12). You can join the café from 14:00. We can help the first 12 people, so make sure to register (and join the zoom meeting) by clicking on the link: We will include you when we are ready.
  • Friday from 13 to 14.20: Short meetings in person (20 minutes)